Tim’s recording career began in 1978. Here’s a list of current CD’s….

cover photo of Sea Strands CD

Sea Strands [WGS 376 CD]
Tim’s latest recording on the WildGoose label is a varied selection of traditional songs from Dorset, including lively versions of John Barleycorn and The Bold Granadee [ usually called the Golden Vanity], plus the first commercially available recordings of tunes from the recently- discovered Benjamin Rose tune book from North Dorset. The CD also includes settings of the poetry of William Barnes and Thomas Hardy, and tunes and songs composed by Tim, including the much- requested Broadoak Wassail and A Glimpse of a Green Land.

Tim has long been recognised as a particularly sensitive and thoughtful interpreter of traditional song who also has a winning way with original compositions in the idiom, while he has a real gift for researching and preparing for performance his repertoire. ……..Putting it simply, this is a wholly engaging disc, supremely well planned and performed, sympathetically recorded and well annotated; a veritable model of what a folk CD should aspire to.
David Kidman FRoots

Sea Strands’ from Tim Laycock is an album with a very traditional and authentic sound, drawing on influences from Tim’s home in Dorset and tales of the sea. …..This is a truly rooted album, bursting with local character and giving a real insight into the folk traditions of Dorset.
Mike Hough The Bright Young Folk Review

The Year Clock [Forest Tracks FT2CD 202 CD]
This acclaimed double CD contains over two hours of archive and new recordings of Dorset dialect speakers reading the wonderful country poetry of William Barnes. Includes new settings by Tim and features accompaniments from New scorpion Band members. Tracks include Linden Lea, Wheat, The Geate a-vallen to, John Bloom in Lon’on, and The Leane. As featured on Desert Island Discs! NB These recordings include material previously released on Lydlinch Bells and Blackmwore by the Stour, which are both now deleted.

Harvest Hwome.
A sampler of the songs and music of Tim Laycock, including tracks from the Hambledon hopstep Band and the New Scorpion Band, and several newly recorded tracks including Linden Lea, Courting Round Dorset and The Bells of St Mary’s.

New Scorpion Band
[NSB 01 CD]
The hugely popular debut album from the Scorps, featuring lead singing and squeezebox playing from Tim, and including Row On, Heaven’s a Bar and Sailing Over the Dogger Bank.

The Plains of Waterloo
Napoleonic songs, marches and dance tunes performed by The New Scorpion Band. Includes The Rout of the Blues, The Plains of Waterloo, Little Boney, and Boney on St Helena

The Carnal and the Crane
The New Scorpion Band’s Christmas album. Includes Shepherds, Arise, The Sans Day Carol, the Salutation Carol and The Christmas Goose.

The Downfall of Pears [ NSB records 003]
Classic New Scorpion Band recordings including Lord Bateman, the Sad Sea Waves, Bold Lovell and the instrumental Downfall of Pears

Out on the Ocean [NSB records 004]
Maritime music, sea shanties and salty songs including The Capstan Bar, The Hogseye Man, Rodney’s Glory and On Board a 98.

Master Marenghi’s Music Machine. [NSB 05] The most recent NSb recording, which includes much requested favourites such as Donkey Riding, Over the Hills and Far Away and Spanish Ladies.

Hampshire Dance Tunes [WGS325CD]
Country dance tunes from the Pyle family manuscript played by Southern English musicians including Tim Laycock and Colin Thompson

The Sun from the East.
Country dance tunes, new music by Nick Crump and two songs from Tim Laycock from the repertoire of the Hambledon Hopstep Band.

The New Scorpion Band recordings are available via the New scorpion Band website www.new-scorpion-band.com. All other recordings direct from Tim.

All CD @ £13.00 including post and packing except for Harvest Hwome and The Year Clock, which are £7.00 each including post and packing.