Technical specification

The Land has minimal technical requirements and is ideally suited to village halls, small arts venues, poetry and live literature festivals and alternative venues such as churches, outdoor museums, heritage sites and historic building. The serving of local food and refreshments in the interval would complete the evening!

The Land is very adaptable regarding staging and we welcome the suggestions of any venue regarding the facilities of their respective space.

Duration: 2 x 45 minutes with an interval (duration as required by the venue)
Minimum stage size: 2 x 4 meters or can be performed on the flat with some restricted viewing
Lighting: A simple general state on the performance space with highlight on the performers is ample. We do not tour lights but have worked in natural and enhanced as well as stage light. (We have worked in halls using domestic standard lamps!)

Sound: CD player and speaker (can be supplied)
Basic changing room facilities required
Fee: negotiable
For booking please contact Emma Butler Smith:
0780 325 1936

Reg. charity no.1083129